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As DazeasesLondon Perry spins sparse, intimate electro-pop, at turns beautiful, at turns menacing.

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On her new EP, Local Slut, each track offers the listener a soft rug, only to yank it away. Perry cites James Blakes and OoOOo, and that makes sense, given her lo-fi, impressionistic use of electronic sound. Local Slut is a cohesive piece where each track is in conversation with the others.

My releases were collages of songs written in isolation from the others. To what extent are your lyrics drawn from your life experiences? I take a person or an exchange and analyze it both in mundane and poetic terms.

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He did not consider my body in my terms, the long term consequences of such a request. I am the child of a single mother, I am that living consequence. Thus I refer to myself in literal terms as a bastard and the metaphorical terms of being a Magdalene daughter, which considers not only myself but my mother in an intergenerational pattern of relationships.

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You have a uniquely bare musical aesthetic. Are there artists you take inspiration from for this stripped down sound?

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I also enjoy the dark, simple melodies showcased by witch house artists such as OoOOo. Is it also just you on stage when you perform?


I write everything myself. On stage it is just me, my iPhone, and an aux cord.

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When I have a show I want the focus to be on me, my movements, and my words. In order to sell that and create that intimate of an experience, I like to have a stage completely to myself.

Richmond VA Sluts

Speaking of your live show, do you have tour plans once the album drops? I want to start playing more cities outside of Richmond after the release, especially on the east coast for the next few months. Share This Story.

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