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She had run away at 15, gone back home, then run away again.

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Finally, an undercover police officer caught her, and her pimp. This time she went home and stayed, but she was not the same. She spoke different.


She looked different. They cut her hair, they dyed her hair, they bought her new clothes.

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She is also evidence. When one of the men who raped her was sentenced in February, one of the exhibits that prosecutors used was an advertisement selling her services as an escort on back.

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The ad said she was That same month, the Washington Legislature was debating a bill that would require sites within the state to obtain documentation that escorts advertised there are at least On Thursday, Gov. Christine Gregoire ed that bill into law, the first of its kind in the country. The Washington law was praised last week by groups working to stop child sex trafficking.

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Other states, including Connecticut, are considering similar legislation. Yet even some supporters of the law question how effective it will be — paperwork can be easy to fake, after all.

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And will shutting down one Web site simply prompt another to open? Some also wonder how it will fare against potential legal challenges that it limits free speech.

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It might reduce the volume ofbut the ultimate goal is to shut that section down. After public and political pressure led Craigslist to remove its escort sections inexperts say back became the biggest mainstream platform for similar .

The company says that the role it plays is vastly overstated by critics and that it screens and reports to try to prevent exploitation of children. McDougall said the law could potentially affect Web site forums and chat rooms that are unrelated to escort sites, but where illicit content might be reposted.

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She also made arguments that even some law enforcement investigators make, that some sites that promote child sex trafficking can lead investigators and advocates to victims and their abusers. Human trafficking has been a prominent issue in Washington State for at least a decade. Following a series of high-profile trafficking-related episodes beginning in the s, Washington passed the first state law, into criminalize human trafficking.


In it ificantly increased prison sentences for child sex-trafficking. He and others say they want Congress to amend the federal Communications Decency Act. The act, passed inprovides broad free-speech protections for Internet sites that opponents of trafficking say did not anticipate the way the Web is now used — but that could make the Washington law vulnerable in court.

State Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles, the sponsor of the new law, said she and others spent more than a year working on language that some newspaper groups eventually supported.

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Kohl-Welles said of the escort sites. But she also questioned the need for the new Washington law. McDougall said.

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That argument falls flat for many advocates.

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